Welcome to the Burlington Central High Schools Robotics Teams Website. This is the Homepage of the 2386 Trojans that have competed in FIRST Robotics competitions since 2008. Our team is located in Burlington, Ontario and is consisted of around 60 High School students. 

We have achieved great success in our past competitions including a Regional win in the Pine Tree Regional in 2013 and a 2nd place finish in the Smokey Mountains Regional in 2012. Visit the About Us page or the Achievements page to learn more about our team. You can also find many pictures and videos of our team in the Media section. 

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BCHS Trojans 2386 Week 3

This week has all been not only finalizing ideas but about getting the parts built for each component of the robot. All parts have been drawn on the virtual CAD assembly and our team of designers have been working on assembling it virtually and creating the specifications required for each part to work at its best. In terms of the drive, retrieval, launcher and winch team, most parts have been built for their components.

As a whole, team 2386 are right in the middle of the build process, ideas are coming to life and with the help of CAD, things are getting done in due time. The drive team has got the motors mounted to the frame and are currently assembling parts for a conveyer type retrieval system, the launcher is being completed. The winch being used to launch the ball has been finalized and have only a few parts to go. The tilt team is in the process of making a hub for the motors for the drive and cutting side plates for the tilt mechanism.

Last Tuesday our drive team took a field trip to CIM Metals Inc. There the team designed parts for drive and tilt mech and laid them out to be cut with laser technology. We took our own material and created the positioning for them to be cut to use as little material as possible. At CIM the team also learned about work flow and how to create a more efficient work flow.

Programming has also been progressing in the same terms as the mechanical teams. So far we have a framework for other controls once the bot can be put together and can drive the test bot. Our team is also working on the possibility of a smart drive which is a video game type control which will allow us to use one joystick as opposed to two. At the moment it is fully operational and it is very useful for collecting data as it has a graphic interface with many peripheries. Also, the camera now has servos turning which will allow us to turn the camera for a 180 degree view. Lastly, the uniform team has been working hard towards making more t-shirts for the teams!

BCHS Trojans 2386 Week 2

This week we have been progressing well in terms of finalizing and creating prototypes for the robot. We have two launchers in mind, one from the previous week that works like a piston to punch the ball and one that is currently under development. This launcher works like a catapult; it has a spring that pulls the ball back and launches it in the direction of the goal however it has only been built of wood. Both prototypes will be tested (well the first have been tested) for the amount of power needed, how to make it smoother, their durability and how to position them to optimize their power. And though we haven’t created a completed physical retrieval prototype just yet but we have designed and completed an assembly on CAD. This helps us to troubleshoot issues virtually, help build parts and prevent petty mistakes. In order to work the launcher we’ve created a winch. It will be used to retract the launcher and create a force in order to project the ball into the high goal. The winch can pull a total force of 150 lbs.

Besides the functional parts our team has also been working hard on the electrical, drive and programming. Our electrical team has been working hard creating a layout for where components will go and what we will need for each part of the robot. The programming team has been working on and testing code on our test robot to get a smooth drive and a code for the camera. Side plates for the robot has also been completed; in the past we’ve cut our own plates but this year we’ve decided to design a set of plates and outsource them. The plates, as shown above, were cut with water jet technology and powder coated blue and gold thanks to BMP Metals and CIM Metal Industries.

Last but not least, our uniform team has completed cutting and sewing the shirts for the Wild and the Rebels. They’ve been sent off to be silk screened and we are currently working on cutting the shirts for Rambotics and the Spartans.

BCHS Trojans 2386 Week 1

BCHS Trojans 2386 Week 1

This past week team 2386 has been working diligently towards prototyping and creating/finalizing ideas for our robot. Upon learning about the game we were torn between ideas; half of us wanted to go offensive and make our robot capable of reaching the high goal, while the other half of us wanted to simply play 'goalie'.
The game for this year is caled Aerial Assist and it's played with a 2 ft wide ball. The objective of the game is to work with other team members to get the ball from one side of the field to the other and score in the high or low goals. There is also a truss in the middle of the field where the ball can be thrown over and caught by another team robot. What's different about this year compared to the past games FIRST has presented us with is that this year there will be a big emphasis on teamwork and cooperation. A lot of points in the game will be achieved by succesfully passing, catching and launching the ball to other team members. Teams must work together to succeed and like the game premise, we as a team have also been cooperating and working together to build a winning robot!

We've divided ourself into nine different teams, each specializing in a different part of the robot. There are the five basic teams, the drive team that works on the chasis and drive system, the programming team that creates the code so we can control the robot, the electrical team who does all the wiring of the systems to give it power, pneumatics team that works on pneumatic systems, and the CAD (computer aided design) team that creates and designs the parts on the computer. There are also three functional teams for this year that specialize in the retrieval and launching of the ball and the system that connects the two.

Last but not least is the uniform team. This year our school is responsible for designing and creating the uniforms for nearly every team in the Halton District. All teams will have the same shirt style only with their own school colours, team logo and number on them. We believe that the similar shirts will bring all the teams that much closer as a community and as Canadians at the competition in the States.

Each team has made good progress this past week in making ideas concepts and prototypes for their part of the robot. As of last week we have made simple prototypes out of cardboard and have prototyped a succesful launcher. It threw the ball to a height of 6' 10", which is also the height of the high goal. It's a controlled slingshot type system, the ball is stretched back on a metal rod through a cylinder and released where it projects into the air.

We have also nearly completed the side plates for our robot which will hopefully be done by next week. The plates will be powder coated and will present our logo, team number, name and team colours.
Along with the launcher and side plates we have discussed ideas for the drive and we've begun programming as well. Ideas for a two speed transmission drive have been settled upon and our drive team has been working diligently towards the creation of it. Lastly, our programming team has been working on code for the camera so we can detect the ball and goals. We're also prototyping a vision sensor that works like a sonar. Next week we hope to complete the side plates and get closer to a retrieval prototype as well.




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